Why invest in a VR project?

Virtual reality is an innovative technology with infinite possibilities: thanks to the use of a viewer, the user can be immersed in customized environments with the perception of living a real experience. From marketing to training to design, VR increases engagement by maximizing information transfer, even on a large scale. With what results? Reduction of costs and risks, time savings and increased revenues.

What we offer

Head, heart and arms: to help companies integrate virtual reality correctly is the very core of our job.
We offer VR consulting,  projects and training.

Our method

We call our process of building successfull VR experiences  the "4D method".
The "D" not only stands for Digital Mosaik and the classic 3D approach, but also represents the 4 phases we follow in each of our projects. The 4D method represents a dynamic path, which allows us to fully understand our customer's needs and transform them into a memorable virtual reality experience, capable of achieving concrete results.

The 4Ds are the phases that make up each of our projects:

1 2 3 4


Each project begins with an exploration phase, in which we identify the goals that the VR experience should help our customer achieve and develop an essential in-depth study to understand how virtual reality can generate new value.


Every VR experience has a story and every story has a main character: the audience In this phase we combine creativity, technical know-how and design thinking to design the VR experience that best suits your needs and goals.


Designing an immersive 3D world requires the ability to rethink three-dimensional space (x, y, z axes) creatively, including physical and mathematical laws. This is essential to correctly create the 3D objects that populate it and to program their interaction. Once the experience is realized, it can be tested toghether with our customer, to clearly understand if it meets the requirements identified initially.


Your VR experience must be made accessible quickly and easily. In this phase we create the necessary supports to allow immediate use of the content and we support you in the use and distribution of technology, both at a strategic and practical level. Depending on your needs and your target, we define the tools for disseminating and measuring your virtual reality experience.

Who we are

We are marketing experts, designers, 3D artists, programmers, researchers, video makers and challenges lovers. We combine analytical, creative and strategic skills with a constant study of technology. We are fixed with the test and re-test, we like to innovate, but most of all we love to see our ideas come to life. We are a mosaic of skills perfectly set between them.