Awareness-raising campaigns: Ethics in the time of VR

Awareness-raising campaigns: Ethics in the time of VR

Our VR experience Fidas Delivery Service

Virtual reality is not a disconnection from everyday life. Neither is alienation from the needs of society. VR is a tool and, as such, ought to support ethical initiatives that are the lifeblood of human activities. Our project for Fidas sprang from this awareness. Over the past few months, we have collaborated to create an experience, raising awareness among future generations of blood donors. We bet on gamification to talk to teenagers – to tell them about one of the most urgent issues that doctors, nurses, health care professionals face every day.


A new marketing language for the non-profit field

Since 1959, Fidas has spent all its energies promoting voluntary, non-remunerated blood donations. The effort focuses on a clear goal: raising awareness among young people as an investment for the future. However, communication and marketing need to deal with changes even in the social field. Language and effective means to address the audience are constantly evolving. Today, virtual reality offers a range of opportunities to get to know the world and to talk about the problems that affect everyone's lives. Fidas immediately understood the strength of VR in delivering messages. They asked for our contribution to shape a targeted experience. The objective? To increase the awareness of generations Z and Alpha about the relevance of blood donation.

Gamification: getting involved by Fidas Delivery Service

We started to shape this project from an intuitive and commonly shared point of view: children and adolescents are sensitive to gaming dynamics. Therefore, we built an experience that could convey the urgency of blood donation. We created a virtual world adherent to the real one, a dimension where hospitals and health centers frequently require blood bags. Once the gamer wears the visor, her/his avatar comes on stage, at the center of a small colorful universe. Health Hubs gravitate all around asking for blood bags. The task is to shoot them in the right direction to meet the ever-increasingly fast-moving emergencies. Per sopperire alle crescenti richieste di sangue
and every score is a step in the fight against the emergencies.


VR for marketing and non-profit activities

Quick reflexes and speed, sense of space and precision: Fidas Delivery Service is inspired by the most successful videogames. It does so in an immersive way. However, the experience does not fail to reach its aim: to raise awareness among young people about donation. The graphic design creates an inclusive virtual environment. We chose simplicity along the line of cult games such as Mario Bros and participants appreciated it. In other words, we oriented ourselves towards a broad target to convey Fidas' values. The outcome was satisfactory. We interviewed participants on the sidelines of the event, and over 85% said they easily understood the intent at the very core of the experience.

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Published on 13 January 2022