The project was born from the need of having an innovative, immersive and different way of telling, compared to competitors. The company manufactures machines for processing large stone, which are difficult to show and test (most of all thinking about an international level). This becomes easier through the use of traditional videos or technical drawings, but on the other side they are still unable to transmit the real value.

The company’s desire was the one of working more on the emotional aspect and telling a specific story to the potential client: that of the Mec products. All this emphasizing the most important aspect for the company: customer care and satisfaction, which is expressed in the particularly familiar hospitality, typical from Trentino, that the owners of Mec are able to create.



The project

In a first phase of analysis Digital Mosaik identified the elements to be enhanced, giving life to an immersive story, which includes a single protagonist in the center: the potential Mec customer and his need. The VR video speaks to him, who is wearing the viewer and so finds himself catapulted into Mec world, looking for the machinery designed and customized for him, the one able to satisfying his specific need.

Per consentire ai potenziali clienti di vivere l’esperienza in qualsiasi momento, Digital Mosaik ha realizzato dei visori Cardboard che Mec distribuirà a tutti gli interessati che non lo possiedono. È sufficiente scansionare il QR Code presente sul visore, inserire nella parte frontale del visore lo smartphone, per immergersi nel mondo Mec, anche da casa.

A dedicated page has also been created, which allows those who do not know the virtual reality to enter in contact with this technology, being able to benefit from the experience with simplicity.

-> Discover here the page dedicated to VR Mec experience


The project includes:

  • A specific web page, thought to simplify the use of Virtual Reality content.
  • A virtual reality experience, developed on Mec needs.
  • The Mec Cardboard’s production, a cheap cardboard viewer, compatible with every smartphone.
  • The management of events supporting the project.


  • Immersive video conception and developement (storyboard, shooting, editing).
  • Web page conception and developement.
  • Installation and monitoring of VR stations, in order to promote the experience.
  • Cardboard viewers conception and design.

Experience it

Click here to display Mec experience in Virtual Reality.


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