What we do

We specialize in Virtual Reality, an innovative tool that allows you involve your audience in a new and
unique way. It lets a person be the protagonist of your story, immersing them in an emotional brand

The benefit
for companies

Virtual Reality creates empathy. The observer becomes more receptive, if they can be an active part
of the action, moreover they feel messages in a more effective way, so that they last longer in their
memory. In this specific way, the brand remains in the consumer’s mind long after the experience’s

If it is used in the right way, virtual reality fits successfully within business logic and processes, to
simplify the natural development of a relationship between brand and consumer, letting the person
become both lead and client.

The benefit
for people

Virtual Reality creates something called “presence”, which means the sensation of being in a different place from where you’re currently at. In this way, people have the possibility to “live” these new experiences from different points of view, ensuring a high level of involvement.

Why is it successful?

  • It is immersive

    When consumers wear their headsets, they find themselves completely inside a specific content. In other words, less distractions and at the same time more attention to the message.

  • It is emotional

    The experience’s strength in VR is stronger than the one consumers can feel through the use of a traditional media. It generates strong emotions, which lead into real and natural movements and reactions.

  • It is memorable

    The brain works in a easier way if it associates specific moments to specific places. For this main reason people’s minds potentially remember a VR experience for a very long time.

  • It is new

    Nowadays media and the public pay close attention to what concerns the VR world. Speaking in regards to media exposure, companies that experiment with this new technology sooner than others will enjoy huge media exposure benefits.

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