VR Lab

In our VR Lab we study how VR can transform the way we learn, work, communicate and live.

We study the value that virtual reality can bring to human beings.

  • Process improvement

    We try to understand how VR can change communication, education, planning and professional training.

  • Immersivity and interactivity

    We keep up with the latest technological innovations to continuously improve users’ perception within three-dimensional space and make interactive experiences as realistic as possible.

  • VR Application

    We develop useful applications to simplify the use of virtual reality on different devices.

  • Medical Research

    Through the study of scientific publications, we try to understand how virtual reality can become a useful tool for research and development of new therapies and, in general, the value that this technology can bring to medicine.


“We’re working on technology that will change not just computer gaming, but potentially how all of us interact with computers, information, and each other every day. I think it’s going to be the biggest game-changer I’ve ever seen – and I can’t wait to see how far we can take it.”

Michael Abrash,
Chief Scientist of Facebook Reality Labs

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