How we do

Our reality is focused on the creation of both VR videos and marketing tools, fundamental for their diffusion. We combine analytical skills with strategy, technique, innovation and creativity. We create involving experiences to let the public be engaged with the brand in a new and emotional way.

What makes us
different from others?

  • All begins from the analysis, we are trying to understand the sector in detail, your activity’s shades, your clients behavior, and how VR technology can take a new value.

  • Design, storytelling and creativity are our obsessions. Small details are as fundamental as the great ones.

  • We believe in stories’ power, most of all in the emotional connection they are able to create. Immersivity cannot miss, to give life to an exciting story.

  • Virtual Reality could be a useful and successful tool, if it is used in a right way. In every moment we are next to you, to let you use this technology in the most efficient way, and optimise all the results.

  • We design a project from A to Z. We give you not just VR contents, but also all the tools, which are useful to spread them (apps, headsets, player web).

  • We know that deadlines are not negociable, that’s the reason why openness, times management and costant monitoring for the on –time and on – budget launch are our major strength.

How do we work?

  • Pre-analysis and proposal

    Every project began with a first (free) analysis, which we will share with you, in order to understand the possibile VR’s application, inside your strategies. If you already have VR contents or 360 videos, we understand and optimize the way these videos could be cought and efficiently used.


  • VR project developement

    The beginning of project’s developement comes after a previous analysis. It definies virtual reality as a tool perfectly integrated in the company marketing mix, useful for the achievement of company’s goals.


    The project is developed on the following phases:

    1 2 3 4 5 6

    Definition of goals and analysis

    We identify the goals that VR experience must help you to achieve. We find target, values and messages you want to vehicle.

    Strategy creation

    Which is the right type of VR videos and the more useful technologies to reach all the goals? In this stage we will define the tools and channels you have to use for your virtual reality experience’s diffusion.

    VR experience design

    Virtual Reality speaks its own language. In this phase we combine creativity and tecnique to design the right storyboard for your VR brand experience.

    Realisation of the VR experience

    Every VR video has its story, every story has its protagonist: the one who’s watching. We create highly immersive VR experiences, making use of a specifically developed multi-camera rig, which let us tell your company and your brand in a new, emotional and involving way, without giving up the device’s performances.

    Tools developement

    Your VR experience need the right audience, it is important to make it accessible to everyone. In this stage we design all the necessary supports, to easily enjoy your content, as cardboards and smartphone’s app.

    The experience spread

    How do you spread your VR experience? In this phase we help you with the daily use of technology, both in a strategic and in a practical level.

  • Monitoring and
    analysis of performances

    We integrate into the VR enviroment personified analysis capabilities for each customer, to capture marketing data and monitor performance in real time.