We help companies and people to know and effectively integrate metaverse technologies.

We know that a technology, in order to spread, must be understood. Our Academy was created with the aim of helping professionals, companies, students and enthusiasts to learn about the technologies of the metaverse to integrate and use them effectively.

Our videos

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Create VR brand experiences 

What are the potential of virtual reality in the field of corporate communication? We talk about it in this video, explaining how one of the biggest players on the market, Facebook, is moving in this regard and how this technology can be used to create engaging brand and product experiences.

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Training with VR

In this video we talk about business training: can virtual reality help us improve it?
Let's see what are the advantages of a training program in VR by analyzing some case studies and application contexts.

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Selling with VR

Virtual reality can help improve sales performance. Let's imagine providing our sales network with a tool capable of transporting you to a three-dimensional world in which you can interact with the product in different contexts and situations. Such as? We talk about it in this video.

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What is VR?

If asked to describe virtual reality would you be able to do it? If the answer is no, we will help you. In this video we talk about its potential.

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VR for business

What are the opportunities offered by virtual reality? In this video we will look at 6 uses of that can improve the way we work.

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The differences between VR headsets

We can divide the viewers on the market mainly into three categories: for smartphones, stand-alone and PC VR. In this video we explain the differences.

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