We love shaping technology and seeing our ideas come to life.

We are consultants, researchers, designers, 3D artists, programmers, marketers, challenge lovers. We combine analytical, technical, creative and strategic skills with a constant study of technology. We are obsessed with testing and re-testing, we like to innovate but, most of all, innovate ourselves.

Our team

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer

He has been traveling for work since he was young but comes from a small village in the Cembra Valley, he is keen to point out. Founder and CEO, he assists each client in the journey of learning about and integrating metaverse technologies into business strategies.


Administration  & Finance

Co-founder and administrative manager, Arco is responsible for making ends meet and managing relationships with suppliers. But he also has another talent that sets him apart: precision in setting up and preparing all equipment.


Project Manager & Tech Expert

Passionate about computer science since childhood, Marius created the first BOTs for MMORPGs in Python in elementary school. A computer engineer and psychology graduate, he manages the team, analyzes requirements and designs advanced technical solutions, turning an idea into a valuable project.


Marketing & Communication

Precise and analytical, Erika follows company and project communications from the very beginning. A digital marketing specialist, she manages the web presence, intercepts needs, defines strategies and brings the team's work and expertise to light with text, images and video.


Art Director

A well-rounded artist, Filippo began as a Graphic and Motion Designer later expanding his knowledge to the world of 3D graphics and art direction. Today he is in charge of conceiving and coordinating visuals and aesthetics giving shape, color and life to each virtual world.


IT Manager

Raised on C and C++, he has been assembling and disassembling PCs since he was a boy, developing out of passion and driven by a desire to create something that does not yet exist except in his imagination. He solves seemingly impossible problems using a wide variety of programming languages.


Lead Developer

A computer engineer with a passion for video games, he also spends nights with Unity and C#. Attentive to detail and passionate about challenges, he writes code and turns it into interactions, physics, and game mechanics capable of delivering sensational experiences.


Developer and Technical Artist

A programmer and 3D artist, Alessandro is your game-changing joker. With his artistic and programming skills, he supports the team of artists and developers in finding creative solutions to complex technical problems.


3D Artist

3D graphics has no secrets for him. Modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, rigging are his bread and butter, but that's not all: Giacomo is a technology expert and a born communicator. If something is not clear to you ask him, he will be able to explain it to you with simplicity and an unfailing Tuscan accent.


Concept Artist

Storyboard artist and illustrator, Damiano has been imagining worlds and characters since childhood. Today with his work he takes them out of his imagination and makes them into drawings and animations, which come to life in stories and games, in the form of virtual drawings and animations. 


Software Developer

He defines his work as "the art of bullying electrons to do mathematical calculations to make lights color on a screen." He grew up with electronic peripherals in his hands from Olivetti PCs to early gameboys. Today he is a mathematician and computer scientist, expert in C/C++/C#/CG, python, js, typescript, haskell, GLSL and other acronyms unknown to most.


Strategic Advisor

He builds relationships, designs strategies and accompanies change. From his long experience in the emergency world he learned the value of listening, preparation and living in the present. He took his first steps with an Amiga 500 that still gives great satisfaction today.



Passionate about video games and astrophysics, he entertained conversations about black holes and cloning as a child. Today he is dedicated to imagining and designing user interaction to ensure a memorable experience.


Our story

"We want to bring to life virtual experiences and worlds that can unite, excite, teach, and improve people's work and business performance."

Digital Mosaik was founded in Trento, Italy, in October 2016, with the goal of making virtual reality an efficient, effective and easily usable technology for businesses. Since then, a lot has happened: technology has evolved, VR viewers have become more accessible and, above all, more comfortable and performant. Over time, we have developed exciting virtual experiences in different sectors: healthcare, culture, industrial design, education, tourism. One project after another we have grown, opened three offices in northern Italy and expanded the team with collaborators spread across the territory, acquiring skills in Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.
Today we can call ourselves a "Metaverse Studio": we help companies learn about and integrate fascinating metaverse technologies into their strategies.

Do you want to bring new experiences to life with us?