We design, develop and promote virtual worlds.

  • Tailor-made projects

    We develop experiences to improve commercial, training, communication and production performance of companies.

    • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
    • Projection Mapping
    • NFT
    • Blockchain
    • Progressive Web App
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Internet of Things
  • Consulting

    Since Digital Mosaik was born, it has been attentive to the study of new technologies, thanks to a dedicated research and development laboratory. Over time we have built a team of consultants, programmers, designers and artists capable of helping companies to create ever more advanced virtual worlds. We provide our experience and our passion to help you learn about metaverse technologies and develop a strategy to integrate them correctly into your business.

  • Training

    Talking about the Metaverse means talking about the technologies that are transforming our way of working, interacting, learning, buying and playing. Through dedicated events, speeches, videos, ebooks we help companies, professionals, students and enthusiasts to learn about the technologies that will constitute the new technological paradigm in order not to be caught unprepared.


How we work

We call our process of building successfull VR experiences  the "4D method".
The 4D method represents a dynamic path, which allows us to fully understand our customer's needs and transform them into a memorable virtual experience, capable of achieving concrete results.

The 4Ds are the phases that make up each of our projects:

1 2 3 4


Each project begins with an exploration phase: we carefully analyze the details and elements to highlight within the virtual experience.


Based on the objectives and the analysis, we define the design and aesthetics of the experience, identifying the most suitable technologies for its development.


In this third phase, the actual development of the virtual experience begins. We combine technical skills, creativity and problem solving to bring the designed experience to life.


We make the experience accessible and usable on the various platforms, supporting the company in its use and distribution.

Who we are

We are consultants, researchers, designers, 3D artists, programmers, marketers, lovers of challenges. We combine analytical, creative and strategic skills with a constant study of technology. We are obsessed with testing and re-testing, we like to innovate and innovate, but most of all we love shaping technology and seeing our ideas come to life.