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Crafting tomorrow's Digital Experiences
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We are a mosaic of evolving technologies and expertise. From AR, VR, Blockchain, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Projection Mapping, PWA, to Internet of Things, our team has successfully executed projects across diverse industries.

We partner with businesses to navigate their journey towards adopting immersive technologies, showcasing their potential firsthand, addressing concerns, and unlocking new possibilities for those embracing change. Our aim is to empower new pioneers by expanding their horizons and establishing innovative business tools and growth strategies.

Our team
More than just a team,
we're a dream team.

“We are consultants, researchers, designers, 3D artists, programmers, marketers, and challenge enthusiasts. We merge analytical, technical, creative, and strategic skills with a relentless pursuit of technological advancements. We thrive on testing and refining, we revel in innovation, but most importantly, we thrive on self-improvement.”

Manuel Bazzanella, Founder & CMO
Founder & CEO
Manuel Bazzanella

He's been traveling for work since his youth, but he proudly originates from a small village in Val di Cembra. As the Founder and CEO, he guides each client through understanding and integrating Web 3.0 technologies into their business strategies.

Co-Founder & Administration
Arco Sartori

Co-Founder e responsabile amministrativo, Arco ensures financial stability and manages supplier relationships. However, he also excels in configuring and preparing equipment with precision.

Project Manager & Tech Expert
Marius Chiriac

A computer enthusiast since childhood, Marius began creating Python bots for MMORPGs during elementary school. With a background in IT engineering and psychology, he leads the team, analyzes requests, and designs advanced technical solutions, turning ideas into valuable projects.

Marketing & Communication
Erika Amigoni

Precise and analytical, Erika has overseen the company's communication and projects from the beginning. Specializing in digital marketing, she manages the online presence, identifies needs, defines strategies, and showcases the team's work and expertise through text, images, and videos.

Art director
Filippo Menolli

A versatile artist, Filippo started as a Graphic and Motion Designer before expanding into 3D graphics and artistic direction. Today, he conceives and coordinates visuals and aesthetics, infusing life into every virtual world.

Account & Designer
Mario Mattia Di Muro

Passionate about video games and astrophysics, Mattia entertained conversations about black holes and cloning as a child. Today, he dedicates himself to imagining and designing user interactions to ensure a memorable experience.

IT Manager
Loris Toia

Skilled in C and C++, Loris has been tinkering with PCs since childhood, driven by a passion to create. He tackles seemingly impossible problems using various programming languages.

Floriana Benedetti

Computer engineer with a passion for video games, music and robotics. Since she was little, she has tried to understand how things work, dismantling every electronic device that came into her hands. With Unity, C#, Unreal and C++, she always finds a solution to any problem.

Lead Developer
Federico Gentilini

An engineer passionate about video games, Federico spends nights with Unity and C#. Detail-oriented and enthusiastic about challenges, he writes code and transforms it into game interactions, both physical and mechanical, capable of delivering sensational experiences.

Concept Artist
Damiano Graham

A storyboard artist and illustrator, Damiano has been imagining worlds and characters since childhood. Today, he brings them out of his imagination through his work, turning them into drawings and animations that come to life in stories and games in the form of virtual drawings and animations.

Software Developer
Marco Coccato

He defines his work as "the art of bullying electrons to perform mathematical calculations to color lights on a screen." Growing up with electronic devices from Olivetti PCs to the first Gameboys, Marco is now a mathematician and computer scientist, proficient in C/C++/C#/CG, Python, JS, TypeScript, Haskell, GLSL, and other acronyms unknown to most.

3D Artist
Giacomo Passarello

Passionate about video games to the point of deciding to travel from Trento to Rome to undertake a three-year course in a specialized academy in 3D modeling. Today, Giacomo is responsible for the management of 3D models from creation to implementation. If you need a hand, he'll be the first to lend his.

Texture Artist
Valentina Cuomo

Digital illustrator deeply passionate about the worlds of animation and video games. Driven by curiosity about the enchantment concealed within the crafting of cartoons, she delves into the realm of traditional animation, specializing in background art. Creativity fuels her essence.

UI UX Artist
Elena Salvador

Engineer with a passion for creativity and art. Elena specializes as a UI/UX designer, aiming to meet users' needs and improve the user experience.

Finanza Agevolata
Michelle Souza

Citizen of the world with Brazilian roots and an Italian heart. She is an expert in Europlanning, Regional, National and European Calls in various fields, with a focus on subsidized finance. She transforms ideas into concrete actions to improve people's lives and contribute to progress, through innovative projects and inclusive strategies.

Our story
Digital Mosaik was established in Trento, Italy, in October 2016, with the goal of making virtual reality technology efficient, effective, and accessible to businesses with ease. Since then, we've made significant strides: technology has advanced, VR headsets have become more accessible and notably more comfortable and high-performing.

Over time, we've developed captivating virtual experiences across various sectors: healthcare, culture, industrial design, education, and tourism. With each project, our growth has been evident; we've expanded to three locations in northern Italy and bolstered our team with collaborators spanning the region, gaining expertise in Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Today, we proudly identify ourselves as an "Immersive Technologies Studio," assisting companies in understanding and seamlessly integrating the captivating technologies of Web 3.0 into their strategies.