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Crafting tomorrow's Digital Experiences
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Selected Projects

Nisida Coast to Coast

A virtual reality gaming experience showcasing the wonders of the island of Nisida, intertwining myths, legends, and tourist information with a message of hope and redemption.

WOW: Records

An immersive virtual reality journey to discover the relationship between time and speed in the history of Winter Olympic sports.

Lab Cim 4.0

A virtual reality gaming experience to showcase the role and value of Lab CIM 4.0, Michelin’s new Innovation Laboratory.

Carta Nostra

A virtual experience to raise awareness among young Sicilians about the issue of “caporalato” (illegal hiring of farm workers).


An adventure that challenges the boundaries of time and space to contribute to the enhancement of Trentino’s mining heritage.

Tavola VR Game

An innovative and engaging team building experience that traces the history of Tavola Spa, from its founding to the present, through gaming dynamics.

Guardians of the Climate

A virtual reality experience to raise awareness about the climate change challenge and educate individuals about the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

Vivai Capitanio

An engaging experience leveraging 3D technology that transports users inside the company’s nurseries to actively discover its products and peculiarities.

Virtua VR Experience

A virtual reality showroom to explore and test, through gaming, the features and benefits of mosquito nets and curtains produced by the company.

Forlab VR

An immersive experience to firsthand explore the performance of vulcanization ovens produced by For Lab Italia, actively exploring every detail.