Customer: Stardust

Target: Fashion Industry

Type of project: VR Application – Unity

Hardware VR: Oculus Quest 2

Sector: VR for marketing

Advantages and results:

  • Deep message capture
  • Involvement of new targets
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Unconventional communication tool

Stardust VR

Stardust VR was created to present new trends within the fashion world in an innovative and engaging way, transporting the trend book into a new dimension. To the three minimum characteristics of design, color, shape and material, Stardust VR adds a new level: emotion.
How? Thanks to the use of a new language of artistic expression: virtual reality. A technology that allows immersion, through a viewer, into three-dimensional worlds and experiences capable of generating a sensation of presence.

Wearing the Oculus Quest 2 headset, the user is transported on an emotional "journey" between colors, shapes and materials, discovering the details, so close, so iridescent. In fact, within the immersive experience, each element finds its expression: each color, each habitat, each combination is connected to the trends that Nello Marelli has created for STARDUST srl, each surface, each decoration has been carefully researched and finely crafted.

Thanks to virtual reality, the trend book is no longer just a physical object to browse and touch, but is transformed into a real sensory experience, an immersive journey within a precise look and feel.
A new language of artistic expression that required an in-depth knowledge of technology, necessary to study how the essential elements of design, namely shape, color and matter, can be presented and subsequently developed and positioned within the experience.
A technical-creative challenge that involved the team of 3D artists and developers and that sees its realization in Stardust VR.