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Secret Museum: Behind the Scenes

Muse and Mart Museums

Museum visitors
Project Type
Virtual Reality

A project aimed at conveying, through gaming dynamics, the importance of the research and study work behind each artwork exhibited in a museum.


To make users aware of the research and design processes hidden behind art and science museum exhibitions.


A virtual reality game that transports users behind the scenes of museums to face a series of mini-games related to various fields of museum research and design.

The project

In the corridors of Mart and Muse Museums, where art on one side and science on the other create a unique experience, lies a world of research and analysis that shapes the beauty we all see exhibited in the halls. However, visitors rarely have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes to understand the important work that fuels the wonders on display. At least not until today.

Inside the experience

Imagine wearing a virtual reality headset and being transported into a bare museum hall, populated only by a few other visitors wandering around in search of content, while artworks and installations are still hidden under white cloths. This is just the beginning of your journey.

Through a secret door, you will be catapulted into the laboratory of museum design and research. Here, every corner is pervaded by the vibrant atmosphere of discovery. Vials of vibrant colors stand alongside microscopes and telescopes, paintings and statues occupy every available space, while books, calendars, and notes tell stories of insights and discoveries. Exotic plants, peculiar fruits, small animals, and much more are certainly not lacking. You find yourself "behind the scenes" of the museum, where every project and discovery takes shape before being donated to the public. Here, you will be invited to join in the research and study work through a series of timed mini-games. Each mini-game represents a field of research or design tackled within the museums.

For example, you might find yourself immersed in a mini-game dedicated to Art Restoration. Equipped with a magnifying glass, you'll scan an artwork to identify damaged points where you'll need to intervene promptly. And the more mini-games you complete, the more the museum will fill with artworks, attracting increasingly fascinated visitors drawn to beauty and discovery.

About the design

The designed experience is based on a carefully studied and targeted choice: the use of virtual reality to offer users an engaging and unforgettable journey. By wearing the headset, users immerse themselves in specific contexts, leaving behind the perception of the external world.

The design was conceived considering the power of play and fun as learning tools, allowing users to easily understand the connection between their actions and the artworks exhibited in the museum hall. Furthermore, in virtual reality, the freedom to choose actions, without predetermined constraints, is crucial to increasing user engagement and motivation.

The flexible structure of the design encourages users to return, face new challenges, and improve their score, ensuring that the experience can evolve without compromising overall quality. Additionally, the cartoon aesthetic, born from collaboration with Sara Filippi Plotegher, promotes fun and understanding of messages, adding a touch of originality and innovation to the virtual reality experience.