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Forlab VR

Forlab Italia

Companies interested in purchasing vulcanization ovens
Project Type
Virtual Reality
Retail & Sales

An immersive experience to firsthand explore the performance of vulcanization ovens produced by For Lab Italia, actively exploring every detail.


Provide the sales network with a tool allowing active experimentation of the functionalities of the company's vulcanization ovens in different commercial contexts.


A virtual reality showroom enabling the testing of the innovative features of the ovens, recreated in full scale, at trade shows, events, and commercial meetings.

The project

A virtual reality experience intuitively, interactively, and engagingly narrating the characteristics that make For Lab Italia's vulcanization ovens unique worldwide. An innovative solution presented at the Plast fair in Milan, during which participants had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the company's products, interacting firsthand with the ingeniously engineered machinery as if they were at the company's headquarters.


Inside the experience

An experience overcoming the limitations of traditional presentation methods, especially in fast-paced occasions like trade shows or meetings with potential clients. Vulcanization ovens, despite their complexity and the high cost of transportation, thus come to life in a full-scale experience where their strengths could be fully appreciated.

Inside Forlab's VR showroom, users are accompanied by a friendly and proud floating robot, guiding them to explore the company's ovens. The oven will appear from below, slowly ascending and rotating 360°, allowing a complete view of the entire model. It's up to the user to choose which elements to delve into among materials, internal chamber, internal flaps, electrical panel, air exchange, programmed chamber washing, safety features. This way, they can visualize in detail every aspect of the products, understand their functioning, and appreciate their quality and innovative elements.