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Muse - Trento Science Museum

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Virtual Reality

An adventure that challenges the boundaries of time and space to contribute to the enhancement of Trentino's mining heritage.



Telling the story of the mining sites in Trentino that are not accessible or are difficult to visit.


An immersive journey through time, exploring the unique characteristics of each site by observing the geological context, techniques, and equipment used.

The project

Hidden deep within the mountains of Trentino are traces of a past rich in history and treasures: the ancient mines that have shaped the region’s landscape and economy. Some of these mines date back to the Middle Ages and even Prehistory, providing valuable insights into the local geology and history. However, many of these sites have long been inaccessible or difficult to reach, keeping their secrets and mysteries under wraps.

Thanks to virtual reality, the Muse of Trento has opened the doors to these places, transporting users on an adventure that transcends the boundaries of time and space. By wearing a virtual reality headset, participants become the newest member of the museum’s research team, tasked with recovering lost information and artifacts from these mining sites.

Inside the experience

The Geodì adventure begins in the laboratory of the Muse Museum in Trento. From here, users can choose which mines to explore, delving into their depths. On their exploratory journey, they are equipped with a special laser tool designed to retrieve and store the valuable information hidden within the mining sites. Four mines (Canopa delle Acque Mine, Mondagiò Mine, Val Bronzale Mine, Bedovina Mine) each offer a different challenge and a new research opportunity, allowing close observation of the geological context, extraction techniques, and equipment used over the centuries.

For example, users can observe the silver or mixed sulfide veins in the caves, discover what precious resources were extracted from the mines and the techniques used, as well as how the materials were utilized once brought to the surface. By carefully examining the mine walls, they can also identify the marks left by ancient miners, silent testimonies of their hard work, and find some historical artifacts left behind.

An interactive experience that offers visitors a unique opportunity to discover a little-known aspect of Trentino’s history and contribute to the preservation and promotion of its mining heritage.