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Lab Cim 4.0


Manufacturing companies in the Piedmont area
Project Type
Virtual Reality

A virtual reality gaming experience to showcase the role and value of Lab CIM 4.0, Michelin's new Innovation Laboratory.


To introduce companies to Michelin Italy's new dedicated laboratory for technological innovation, Lab CIM 4.0.


A virtual reality game in which users, through a series of challenges, can discover the services and potentials of this new Innovation Lab.

The project

How to present a laboratory dedicated to technological innovation leveraging the potential of new technologies? This is the underlying question of the project developed for Michelin, which aims to discover, through an engaging interactive game, the features of CIM 4.0, an acronym for Connected Intelligent Manufacturing, Michelin Italy's latest Innovation Lab. Located in Cuneo, this cutting-edge space aims to be the driving force behind digital transformation for manufacturing companies in the area, offering operational support and advanced solutions. The ambitious goal of CIM 4.0 is to make the digitalization of industrial processes accessible and understandable to everyone.

Inside the experience

To present CIM 4.0 and its mission to local companies innovatively, we have created a virtual reality game in which users, through a series of challenges, can learn about the services and potentials of this new Innovation Lab. Wearing the headset, the user is teleported to an outdoor space where some structures are visible in the distance, unreachable due to the evident distance. What captures attention the most is a turret and an old basketball hoop with which the user can try, with little success, to make a basket. Accompanied by Michelin-Bot, Michelin's robot guide, the user will discover that the turret is none other than Lab CIM 4.0, which, taking shape around them, will help unlock a long series of potentials. Through the technology offered by the laboratory, the user's tools will be enhanced, increasing the chances of making a basket and reaching different levels of scores. Changes will occur at each level that will expand the possibilities for the user and the connections with the surrounding structures, initially distant.

About the design

The design of the experience highlights the initial situation from the final one, emphasizing the possibilities granted by the technological innovation hub. The gamification strategy also allows the player to enjoy the interactive experience and thus reinforce the message.

The guide within the VR experience is represented by a cute high-tech robot branded Michelin. Through this representation, Michelin is highlighted as a guiding and reference figure of the project.