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Metchannel VR

Olympus Italia

Healthcare personnel
Project Type
Virtual Reality

A virtual reality training platform enabling doctors, instrument technicians, and nurses to train safely, quickly, and accurately.


Facilitating medical training and the introduction of new methodologies on a large scale, reducing risks, errors, and speeding up learning.


A virtual reality training platform allowing doctors, instrument technicians, and nurses to experience and learn safely, quickly, and accurately.

The project

In the medical field, training has always been a challenge: complex, expensive, and often requiring years of practice. The Covid-19 pandemic has made learning even more difficult, with restrictions on travel and interactions. Many doctors are limited to theoretical learning without practical experience. Metchannel VR, developed with Olympus Italy, addresses this challenge: enabling medical personnel to simulate operations safely, receive instructions, error alerts, feedback, and performance scores anywhere in the world. Instrument technicians and nurses can also train on the correct use of tools and equipment.


Inside the experience

Metchannel VR is divided into three sections: one dedicated to 360-degree live streaming, allowing doctors to observe real-time operations in the operating room and ask questions using a microphone, and two sections dedicated to virtual reality, where doctors can simulate real operations and instrument technicians and nurses can learn to handle machinery, simulating cleaning, maintenance, and use in the operating room. This approach has reduced training costs and risks, accelerated learning, simplified large-scale training, and introduced new methodologies quickly.

Thanks to Metchannel VR, individuals no longer need to travel or have access to operating rooms, mannequins, or dedicated tools, but can practice operations comfortably as many times as they wish, making mistakes and learning from provided feedback without taking risks.