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Pentagono VR

Pentagono Immobiliare

Real estate buyers
Project Type
Virtual Reality
Real Estate

A project aimed at streamlining the sales process by allowing potential clients to explore and customize properties that do not yet exist.


To explore and customize a non-existent property, recreating the sensation of physically being on the premises.


A virtual reality experience that enables users to navigate within a life-sized 3D property, customizing it through active interaction.

The project

Selling a property is a complex and costly endeavor, especially if the property does not yet exist. In such cases, sales rely on the ability of agents and developers to empathize with the client and help them envision, convincing them that the choice is most suitable for their needs. Together with Pentagon Real Estate, we've overcome this limitation and created a unique customer experience for the construction industry.

Inside the experience

By wearing a virtual reality headset, individuals can step inside the house, explore it, and customize it according to their preferences, just as if they were really there. This tool allows builders and clients to engage in a new way, share feedback and impressions useful for making any necessary changes to the project before it is realized. This shortens the sales process, allowing Pentagono to give customers a realistic perception of what they are purchasing and to engage them. Moreover, it offers a service that other agencies do not provide, for a unique, engaging, and accessible customer experience from anywhere. Additionally, it is made immediately accessible through the use of intuitive standalone headsets, which do not require cables or PCs and can be used and configured by our agents with ease.


About the design

Pentagono's project presents the real estate world from a different perspective: while there are various examples of interior navigation in virtual reality on the market, they lack soul and do not consider the customer experience. We have developed a workflow that allows us to create true visit experiences, where the user can feel like a protagonist interacting with the environment: for example, they can turn on faucets, open windows, and change furnishings. This starts from native files like CAD, first transformed and textured into 3D, then virtualized into virtual reality, customizing interactions based on the highlights needed.