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ShowVerse: Ala - M Virtual Showroom

Nautical enthusiasts
Project Type
Virtual Reality
Retail & Sales

A virtual showroom based on web 3.0 technologies to present the nautical prototype Ala-M in a hyper-realistic, interactive, and immersive way, accessible from any device at any time.


To verify the commercialization of the nautical prototype Ala-M, offering the opportunity to thoroughly explore its features, experience its functionalities, and gain advantages through pre-sales.


A virtual showroom leveraging Web 3.0 technologies – including Blockchain, VR, NFTs – to present the 3D product in a hyper-realistic, personalized, interactive, and immersive manner, accessible from any device at any time.

The project

Ala-M is the nautical vehicle that allows flying over the sea and exploring its depths. A prototype conceived and realized by Lifields expressed the need to verify its commercialization, allowing potential buyers to examine its features, test its functionalities, and benefit from pre-sales. To meet this demand, we created a Web-based virtual showroom, employing cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, VR, and NFTs. This virtual showroom enables users to interact with the product extremely realistically through high-quality 3D models developed with Unreal Engine 5 and accessible from any device via a simple link.


Inside the experience

Navigating the Virtual Showroom, users can:

  • Interact with the 3D product: move it, zoom the model, customize it, navigate it, activate its various elements, and discover details.

  • Play with the 3D model within a dedicated and multiplayer virtual world, based on gamification rules and mechanics (such as collecting points and progressing through levels), capable of stimulating active and measurable behavior, increasing engagement and interest in the product.

  • Purchase NFTs of the product, obtaining a discount on the purchase of the physical product once commercialized.

  • Test the product in virtual reality, firsthand.