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Tavola Game Experience

Tavola Spa

Company employees
Project Type
Virtual Reality

An innovative and engaging team building experience that traces the history of Tavola Spa, from its founding to the present, through gaming dynamics.


Delivering an innovative, engaging, fun team-building activity related to the company's history and determined in a limited physical time/space.


A team-based VR game that reflects the history and values of Tavola Spa. Each level represents an important stage in the company's growth from its origins to its current position as a market leader

The project

On the occasion of the company Christmas reunion, Tavola Spa decided to surprise its employees with a unique and innovative experience: a virtual reality team building game. This initiative not only celebrated the holidays, but was designed with the goal of strengthening collaboration and a sense of belonging among employees by immersing them in an adventure that traces the company's history.

Virtual reality was selected for its ability to offer a high level of immersion and engagement, which is ideal for events of this kind, as well as being manageable in terms of time and space. The game, custom-developed for Tavola Spa, is set in a virtual world representing milestones in the company's growth. Each level of the game symbolizes a significant period, from the company's beginnings to its current position as a market leader.

This Christmas event demonstrated how innovation and technology can be used to create moments of aggregation and professional growth, while strengthening internal ties within the company.


Inside the experience

Taking turns wearing the headset, Tavola Spa employees find themselves immersed in a virtual space: an elegant, Tavola-branded hall. In front of them, slightly elevated, is a giant screen serving as an information board, guiding them through various historical milestones of the company. The adventure begins with a significant date: "1947 - Tavola's Foundation." After a few seconds, a ball appears in the players' hands, and several blocks arranged in a grid appear in front of them.

The team's objective is to throw the ball at the cubes, aiming to hit those that yield the highest points. Each user has a limited time to hit as many cubes as possible.

Once the first challenge is completed, more follow, each representing an important historical milestone for the company, indicated on the board. Each challenge is linked to the company's development, creating an educational and engaging game.

The experience concludes with the presentation of the company's annual revenue as the final milestone, along with the score achieved by the player and their team.