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The Gym of Everyday Life

Beyond the Labyrinth ONLUS Foundation for Autism

People with intellectual and relational disabilities
Project Type
Virtual Reality
No profit

A project aimed at helping individuals with intellectual and relational disabilities improve their adaptability in everyday life contexts.


Assisting individuals with intellectual and relational disabilities in developing autonomy in daily life, with the support of families and associations.


An ecosystem of virtual spaces, safe and controlled, where individuals can experience various complex daily activities.

The project

A project aimed at families and associations dedicated to the protection and cognitive development of individuals with persistent deficits in communication and social interaction, repetitive behaviors, and limited interests. Individuals who still face challenges in receiving timely diagnosis, accessing targeted therapies, and dealing with a social fabric poorly suited to their needs.


Inside the experience

The inclusion of individuals with intellectual and relational disabilities in virtual spaces and controlled situations can help to:

  • Strengthen self-esteem.

  • Improve social interaction skills.

  • Develop the ability to work in groups.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety.

About the design

The immersive projection of virtual reality allows for a soft initial approach to situations that could be impactful and sometimes traumatic in reality. Actions such as taking the bus, immersing oneself in water, or going to the hospital are examples of challenging situations for individuals on the autism spectrum/neurodiverse. The project's goal is to offer a gym tool for these individuals, to experience the challenge in a protected and less frustrating situation, enabling them to approach real-life actions in the best possible way.