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Effezeta System

Subjects interested in purchasing mosquito nets and pergolas
Project Type
Virtual Reality
Retail & Sales

A virtual reality showroom to explore and test, through gaming, the features and benefits of mosquito nets and curtains produced by the company.


To support the sales network with a tool that presents the features and strengths of Effezeta's mosquito nets in a new, engaging, and interactive way.


An innovative virtual reality catalog in VR, enhanced by gamification, through which to test the company's products and their respective applications in different environments.

The project

A new way of interpreting product storytelling and innovative storytelling to engage users: Virtua is the immersive experience created for Effezeta and presented at MADE Expo 2023, the main Italian event, and one of the main ones in Europe, for the world of construction, architecture, and design. Five products, their respective applications, and a user experience enriched and enhanced by gamification, to give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Effezeta universe.

Inside the experience

Five experiences, each dedicated to a specific product (PIUMA, MEGA, OLTRE V, OLTRE L, VELIA) whose design follows a specific escalation: product selection - presentation of its characteristics - assembly - gaming and testing of strengths. Wearing the headset, the players will find themselves inside the Effezeta showroom, where they can select the product to explore. For example, selecting Piuma will place the player in an indoor room, while Velia will take them outside, into a garden. At the beginning of each experience, the disturbance factor that the product helps to counteract will be highlighted.

Once inside the environment, the user can explore, supported by voiceover, the characteristics of the specific selected product, in 3D, focusing on aspects of interest. It will also be possible to simulate assembly steps, which represent an advantage and an important feature of the product being viewed.

At the end of the experience, the gamification aspect: based on the chosen product, a mini-game will follow where the player will see beams of light, wind, or insects coming towards them, trying to pass through the frame. Their task will be to prevent passage by hitting them with discs, thus simulating the action of the product. At the end of the specified time, they will receive a score and return to the previous environment where they can notice that unlike before, now the product is installed in the environment and the disturbance agent is no longer present.

About the design

The gaming experience highlights the product's strengths, creating a memory in the user and opening up the possibility of highlighting specific features. The person will not only have the opportunity to try out the different products but also to achieve a different score each time, making each experience unique. The informative content combined with visual memory, size change, and fun will create a pleasant and intense memory in the person.