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Vivai Capitanio VR

Vivai Capitanio

Plant nurseries and landscape architects
Project Type
Virtual Reality

An engaging experience leveraging 3D technology that transports users inside the company's nurseries to actively discover its products and peculiarities.


To evolve the presentation of products and company strengths in various international commercial contexts.


An immersive 3D experience that transports users inside the company's nurseries, allowing them to discover the extensive product catalog through an engaging interactive game.

The project

A project born to facilitate and enhance the presentation of company services in various international commercial contexts, which led to the creation of a highly engaging and memorable experience, first presented at Paysalia in Lyon, the event dedicated to landscape and garden professionals. An engaging experience that utilizes 3D technology to transport users inside the company's nurseries, enabling them to discover Vivai Capitanio’ distinctive expertise and the vast product catalog it offers to its customers through an engaging interactive game.


Inside the experience

Wearing the headset, the user is guided inside Vivai Capitanio’ greenhouses, in the sunny region of Puglia, to learn about innovation, agronomic expertise, and the environmentally friendly approach that characterizes the company. During the visit, the user is invited to participate in company activities, particularly in solving a problem: managing some new orders. They will have to "get their hands dirty" by navigating through the wide range of products to select the most suitable plants to meet the specific needs of each received order. For each type of request, they must identify the most suitable products in the catalog, such as managing the order for an Arid garden, for which they must choose plants resistant to the sun, capable of adapting with little water and ideal for rocky gardens, like CENTAUREA ragusina, BULBINE frutescens, VITEX Agnus Castus, PHYLICA ericoides, Helichrysum cymosum. Alternatively, they may need to respond to the needs of a seaside garden, aiming to create a Mediterranean-flavored environment with plants resistant to salt, drought, and temperature fluctuations.

A challenge in which the user must navigate to satisfy the end customer, ensuring the delivery of solid, resilient, and long-lasting products that will not require special care for at least 9 months, just like all Vivai Capitanio products.

About the design

To create an effective and emotionally engaging experience, in addition to impactful artistic components, it was necessary to build a narrative that placed the target user (industry experts such as landscape architects, gardeners, other nurseries) in a familiar context, specifically dealing with a problem they encounter daily in their work: the difficulty of identifying companies capable of interpreting their needs and providing products suitable for their requirements, which are varied and resilient. As a response to this problem within the experience, the user is guided to discover the company's know-how, extensive product catalog, their characteristics, and the commitment the company puts into meeting diverse requests, identifying the most suitable products for every need.

Vivai Capitanio' VR experience was developed for standalone VR headsets, which do not require a PC to function and offer maximum interactivity anywhere.