The project was born from the need of two consortia for the defense of Trentino – Alto Adige agricultural producers (respectively called Co.Di.Pr.A and Hagelschutzkosnortium) to tell their activities in a new, clear, simple and involving way. The target of this message are associates to the two consortia, i.e. farmers who benefit from the activities of Co.Di.Pr.A and Hagelschutzkonsortium and from the means of protection, promoted by both of them.

The goal is to make them understand in which way these two consortia protect business and facilitate the work, managing their own business risk.


The projet

A large amount of time dedicated to the project has been used during the analysis stage: Digital Mosaik highlighted the problems existing on the communication plan, together with the two consortia: it turned out that farmers have difficulty to relate with a subject as complicated as that of the insurance. As a result, they are often not aware about the work Co.Di.Pr.A and Hagelschutzkonsortium are carring out to protect them. Starting from this situation, Digital Mosaik carried out a study on the two consortia activities, seeking to enhance it through the use of a simple language. The result is a content mixed between 360 shooting and 3D environments, always placing the person who’s living the experience at the centre. The VR video touches the following issues: who are Co.Di.Pr.A and Hagelschutzkonsortium, what do they do, what risks are they protecting, and how.

To let the consortia’ associates live the VR experience in each moment, Digital Mosaik projected Cardboard viewers, which Co.Di.Pr.A and Hagelschutzkonsortium on the territory.

To discover both consortia in Virtual Reality even from home, you just have to scan the QR code you can find on the cardboard and insert your smartphone in the front of your viewer.

A dedicated page was realised, which enable everyone to discover this new technology and to enjoy it in an easy way, especially the ones who still see virtual reality as an unknown world.

-> Discover here the two consortia’s page, dedicated to VR experiences.


The project includes:

  • A web page, dedicated to both consortia (in Italian and German), thought to simplify the virtual reality contents’ use.
  • Two virtual reality experiences (one in Italian and one in German), developed on the needs of Co.Di.Pr.A. and Hagelschutzkonsortium.
  • Cardboards production: a cheap cardboard viewer, which easily interacts with every smartphone.
  • The events and communication management, in order to support the project.


  • Analysis of both consortia activities.
  • Idea and developement of immersive videos (storyboards, shooting, editing).
  • Idea and developement of the web page.
  • Idea and realisation of Cardboard viewers.
  • Design of VR area inside fairs, in which consortia have to guarantee their presence.