Italia Virtual Reality was born from the collaboration with ENIT – Agenzia Nazionale del Turismo. The application takes you to the discovery of Italian beauties, to experience them from a unique perspective: yours! Enter your smartphone into a VR viewer and immerse yourself in the best experiences our Italian heritage has to offer. Inside Italia Virtual Reality, you will find art, history, territory, culture, food, wine and Dolce Vita: the whole summarised in unique experiences, enjoyable wherever you are.


The project’s main goal is the one of telling the Italian territory, following the line of Belpaese UNESCO heritage. It was born to offer the possibility of trying the emotional experiences that anyone can live during its Italian holiday. On the model of the new ENIT campaign, it aims to give value to a slow and active tourism. In other words, it promotes an involving visit for the tourist, respectful towards the land heritage.


The project

To meet the wishes of the National Agency of Tourism, Digital Mosaik created and developed the app Italia VR – Virtual Reality, downloadable from both Android and iOS app stores. The app is divided in themes, which allows the consumer to live some experience – based trips, discovering the italian heritage. It provides the opportunity to admire the wonders of the eternal city, to taste an excellent wine through the vineyard, to enjoy a Neapolitan pizza during the sunset, and last but not least to look closer to the art of Made in Italy.

Italia Virtual Reality VR contents were projected thanks to the use of a cameras’ rig, internally developed by Digital Mosaik, which enable the user the living of a first – person experience, playing the part of a potential tourist.

Moreover, Digital Mosaik realised Cardboard viewers, which will be distributed by ENIT during sectoral trade fairs or in B2B meetings. This is meant to afford anyone to live immersive experiences of Italia VR – Virtual Reality, especially the ones who still do not got hold of a viewer. The only thing you have to (culture, food and lifestyle for the moment).


The project Italia VR – Virtual Reality includes:

  • Italia VR – Virtual Reality application, which simplify the enjoyment of virtual reality contents.
  • Virtual Reality contents, meaning immersive stories developed on ENIT communication needs.
  • The production and diffusion of the Cardboard Italia Virtual Reality, a cheap cardboard viewer, compatible with every smartphone.


  • Italia VR – Virtual Reality brand identity’s conception and developement.
  • App’s conception and developement.
  • Immersive videos’ conception and developement (storyboard, shooting, editing).

Try Italia VR – Virtual Reality


Italia VR – Virtual Reality is available on both iOS and Android stores.

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