Oberalp Convention VR, or Oberalp Group Virtual Reality app, take you to Alpbach, to live again the emotions of company’s conventions.
This app offers the possibility to visit the two brands showrooms, take part at the fashion show, and discover the new Salewa and Dynafit collections. A specific code is needed to enter the app, because of its exclusive contents. You can find this code inside the viewers packaging, dinstributed by Oberalp Group.



The Oberalp Convention VR project was born from Salewa and Dynafit (part of Oberal Group) necessity, that is the one of telling the company convention in an involving way. It takes place in Alpbach every year, in occasion of the new winter collection presentation.

The main goals of it are:

  • Involve the ones who could not be at the event phisically.
  • Offer to participants the possibility lo live and to share what happened during the convention.
  • Provide to Salewa and Dynafit business managers an involving sale’s instrument, that can enable them to show in advance the new season’s products, worn by the models.

The project

Digital Mosaik created and developed the app Oberalp Convention VR, downloadable from both Android and iOS app store. This was the result of an analysis carried out together with the client. The app allows the selection of the convention’s year followed by the brand you are intersted in: Salewa or Dynafit. Both the brands offer their point of view related to the convention: on one side you can take part to Salewa fashion show and visit its showroom, and on the other side you can do the same with Dynafit. The user have then the possibility to wear the clothes od a participant to the event, and feel itself as the main protagonist of the experience.

The app Oberalp Convention VR is oriented for a B2B audience: Salewa and Dynafit buyers. For this main reason contents are exclusive and available just after the insertion of a specific code, present on the Cardboard viewers distributed by Oberalp Group. This viewers offer the possibility to live the experiences in an immersive way, placing the smartphone in its front part.


Oberalp Convention VR project includes:

  • Oberalp Convention VR application, in order to simplify the enjoyment of virtual reality contents.
  • Virtual Reality contents, that means immersive videos developed on Salewa and Dynafit requests.
  • The production of the cardboard Oberalp Convention VR, a cheap cardboard viewer, matchable with every smartphone.
  • Supply of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go viewers.
  • Realisation of material for the project support.





  • Conception and developement of Oberalp Convention VR brand identity, following the client’s directions.
  • Web page conception and developement.
  • Immersive video conception and developement (storyboard, shooting, editing).
  • Cardboard viewers realisation.