Trentino VR – virtual reality is the first virtual and experience-based magazine of Trentino whole territory. This new technology is reflected in the future, through the use of a smartphone and a small cardboard headset. (Trentino VR cardboard). Thanks to these tools each person can be transfered directly in a territory, in the middle of an action, letting her become the real protagonist of the story with a 360 vision. Experiences can be shared with simplicity and become true in every moment, even from your home’s sofa.



The project was realised for the many Tourist Boards on the territory, and has as major goal the one of being able to tell the region of Trentino in a new and highly involving way. It offers the possibility to litterary experiment a preview of all livable experiences of the territory, to make the observator willing to live them for real.

It allows the different seasons’ promotion, showing to the summer tourist what the winter season could offer, and vice versa.


Il progetto

Digital Mosaik created a new app, downloadable by both the app stores of Android and iOS, which collect the best experiences livable in the region of Trentino. The company found the right elements to give value to in collaboration with the APT (bodies for tourism promotion spread on the entire territory), the second step was that of creating true immersive stories with a principal protagonist only: the person who’s watching.

Trentino VR – Virtual Reality offers today the possibility to live such great experiences: a day on the Dolomiti, a taste of a delicious meals at high – altitude, a relaxing moment in the spa or in a swimmingpool, Vespa tours among amazing vineyards, a look at the sunrise from the top of the mountain, and last but not least experiences with different sports such as paraclimbing, snowboard, climbing, trekking, sup, canoeing, and much more.

Besides, Digital Mosaik studied a diffusion plan for Cardboard headset, specially branded Trentino VR, to let people live the immersive stories everytime and everywhere. The start of a virtual reality experience is very simple: you just have to insert your smartphone in the front of your viewer, to dip in the virtual reality world and start exploring with the optical pointer the various galleries with their experiences.
You can ask for a cardboard both in bodies for tourism promotion (APT) and during some fairs and events, or on the website


Trentino VR project includes:

  • The Trentino VR app, created to simplify the of contents in virtual reality about Trentino and to let these new communication way’s continous developements be immediate.
  • Virtual Reality contents, in other words immersive stories which has been personified for every territory, on communication and marketing demands.
  • Production and diffusion of Trentino VR Cardboard, a cheap cardboard viewer, embeddable with any type of smartphone.
  • The developemet of a communication plan, supporting the project’s promotion.
  • Events management, supporting the project.

The territory tour operators’ involvement, for the distribution of contents and cardboards, with the common goal of spreading Trentino brand through virtual reality.




  • Application’s creation and developement.
  • Immersive videos’ creation and developement (storyboard, shooting, editing).
  • Installation and monitoring of VR stations, to promote the various experiences and the creation, realisation and spread of Cardboard viewers.
  • Creation and developement of the communication plan, in collaboration with Trentino Marketing.

Try Trentino VR – Virtual Reality

Trentino VR – Virtual Reality app is available on iOS and Android.
You can ask for Trentino VR Cardboard on



Premio Innovazione Smau 2018, assigned to the more innovative projects of the territory.